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Susan Mars sang Elgar Sea Pictures 1/12/19 Susan Mars sang Elgar Sea Pictures 1/12/19 Jeremy Harbottle plays the Elgar Concerto 24/3/19 Emanuel Bach played The Lark Ascending Vaughan Williams 24/11/18 March 2014 Adelia Myslov Brahms Violin Concerto Raphaela Papadakis sings Canteloube and Handel March 2011 Miranda Dale played Mozart Violin concerto in D December 2012 Barbara White Mozart Piano Concerto March 2018 Alexandra Vaduva Grieg piano concerto Sharon Clatworthy played Mozart Bassoon Concerto 18/11/17 March 2012 Alex Robson Max Bruch Violin Concerto No 1 in G minor op. 26 June 2011 Keith Robson played Vivaldi ‘Summer’ from The Seasons November 2013 Peter Carey baritone sang Kindertotenlieder Gustav Mahle Soloists Askrigg June 2010 Charlotte Clarke (Flute, winner of the Young Musician of Richmondshire Competition 2009) and Sarah Paterson (Harp). June 2012 Philip Cull R Strauss Concerto for Oboe and small orchestra

Richmond School

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Methodist Church Practise

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Peter Stallworthy March 2018 Alexandra Vaduva Grieg piano concerto Sharon Clatworthy played Mozart Bassoon Concerto 18/11/17 DSC_3084_0000025 DSC_3076_0000020 IMG_9006resized IMG_8990 IMG_8980_2 IMG_8972_2 IMG_8953-2 IMG_8898 IMG_8885-2 IMG_8868 IMG_8845

Concert March 2018 Photos Mike Russell

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Concert at Tennants 17/6/18 Photos Mike Russell

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Richmond School 24.11.18 Photos Mike Russell

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Concert at Tennants 24/3/19 Photos Mike Russell

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Concert at Tennants 1/12/19 Photos Mike Russell

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