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Chair  Stephen Kirby

Secretary Janet Smith

Treasurer  Mary Allison

Orchestral Manager  Tim Jackson

Librarian  Barrie Martin

Social Secretary  Heather Palmer

Leader Fiona MacDonald

Members  Marian Potter, Vacancy, Vacancy,


Safeguarding Policy (Children and Vulnerable Adults)

The Richmondshire Orchestra makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe.

The Richmondshire Orchestra comes into limited contact with children and / or vulnerable adults through the following activities:

Rehearsal and performance of music/events

Occasional inclusion of children in particular performances.

The types of contact with children and / or vulnerable adults will be in full ensemble or group work but not individually.

This policy seeks to ensure that The Richmondshire Orchestra undertakes its responsibilities with regard to protection of children and / or vulnerable adults and will respond to concerns appropriately. The policy establishes a framework to support orchestra members in their practices and clarifies the organisation’s expectations.

Confirmation and understand the contents of the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for The Richmondshire Orchestra will require a signed pro-forma by all members.

Please complete the details on the form at the end of the policy and return to Janet Smith

The principal pieces of legislation governing this policy are:

o Safeguarding Children and Young People July 2014

o Working together to safeguard Children 2010

  • The Children act 2004

o Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

o Care Standards Act 2000

o Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

Safeguarding is about embedding practices throughout the organisation to ensure the protection of children and / or vulnerable adults wherever possible. In contrast, child and adult protection is about responding to circumstances that arise.

Abuse is a selfish act of oppression and injustice, exploitation and manipulation of power by those in a position of authority. This can be caused by those inflicting harm or those who fail to act to prevent harm. Abuse is not restricted to any socio-economic group, gender or culture.

It can take a number of forms, including the following:

• Physical abuse

• Sexual abuse

• Emotional abuse

• Bullying

• Neglect

• Financial (or material) abuse

Definition of a child

A child is anyone under the age of 18

Definition of Vulnerable Adults

A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 years or over who may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm or from being exploited.

This may include a person who:

• Is elderly and frail

• Has a mental illness including dementia

• Has a physical or sensory disability

• Has a learning disability

• Has a severe physical illness

All orchestra members (paid or voluntary) have responsibility to follow the guidance laid out in this policy and related policies, and to pass on any welfare concerns using the required procedures.

We expect all members to promote good practice by being an excellent role model, contribute to discussions about safeguarding and to positively involve people in developing safe practices.

Additional specific responsibilities

The Orchestra Committee have responsibility to ensure:

Appropriate Safeguarding policy is in place and up to date.

Review the policy annually.

Enable any required training

Maintain links with relevant agencies (eg.Making Music, LA)

The Designated lead officer is Stephen Kirby

The Deputy officer is Ruth Wilford

This person’s responsibilities are to make sure the policy is applied correctly and implemented. Also to keep “Safeguarding” at the forefront of all Health and Safety aspects in the management of the orchestra.

The scope of this Safeguarding Policy is broad ranging and in practice, it will be implemented via a range of policies and procedures within the organisation. These include:

Equal opportunities/equality and diversity policy

Health and Safety Policy including Risk Assessment

Complaints Procedure

(as advised by Making Music)

Safe recruitment

The Richmondshire Orchestra does not, on a regular basis, recruit staff paid or otherwise but agrees with the principles of:

Reference to safeguarding in any job/role descriptions

Any interviews will be based on Equal Opportunity principles

CRB checks will not be automatically needed as the role does not involve contact with children or vulnerable adults on a regular basis.

The lead officer (Stephen Kirby) will ensure a suitable person(s) will be available to supervise any activities involving children or vulnerable adults. This will be on top of existing arrangements/policies in force by the participating group or relevant leader attached to the children/group.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

DBS checks are not required for the members of the orchestra or the committee. However there will be two orchestra members with enhanced CRB clearance available to assist when needed.

In order to avoid DBS gaps, The Richmond Orchestra will maintain the enhanced DBS checks for the designated persons:-

Stephen Kirby and Ruth Wilford every 3 years

All Richmondshire Orchestra members will be emailed or given a copy of the policy and a pro-forma to sign and return to Janet Smith

Communications and discussion of safeguarding issues

Included item on agenda at every AGM

Liaise with schools/appropriate authority/organisation to access their own policies pertaining to Safeguarding.

The process outlined below details the stages involved in raising and reporting safeguarding concerns at The Richmond Orchestra

Inform/contact designated lead officer – Stephen Kirby or Ruth Wilford (tbc)

01677 422598


Communicate your concerns with designated officer

Seek medical attention for the vulnerable person if needed

If needed seek advice from the Children and Families helpdesk or Adults helpdesk

Complete the Local Authority Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Incident Report Form if required and submit to the local authority within 24 hours of making a contact

Ensure that feedback from the Local Authority is received and their response recorded

Contact Numbers for North Yorkshire:-

Child Protection -01609 534527 or 0845 603 6391

Vulnerable Adults – 01609 534527

Call 999 for any person in immediate danger

The Richmondshire Orchestra recognises its duty to report concerns or allegations against any of it’s members within the organisation or by a professional from another organisation.

The process for raising and dealing with allegations is as follows:

  1. Take allegations/observations seriously

2.) Report concerns to designated officer who needs to begin written records of conversation

3.) Contact Local Authority for advice (numbers above)

4.) Follow the advice provided

The Richmondshire Orchestra committee will monitor the following Safeguarding aspects:

Inclusion on AGM agenda every year

Are DBS checks up to date for relevant persons?

Acknowledgement of policy received by all existing and new members

Keeping policy up to date by annual review

Continued appropriate training

Obtain permission for any photographic material to be entered on any media site connected or promoted by Richmondshire Orchestra.

A designated lead officer or deputy officer appointed by the committee will be available at all rehearsals/events.

Information will be gathered, recorded and stored in accordance with the following policies:- (ongoing policies)

Complaints Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Current Safeguarding Policy

All orchestra members and guests must be aware that they have a professional duty to share information with other agencies in order to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. The public interest in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults may override confidentiality interests. However, information will be shared on a need to know basis only, as judged by the Designated Lead OfficerThe Richmondshire Orchestra will draw awareness to the Safeguarding Policy through it’s publication on the Orchestra website.

This policy will be reviewed by the full committee , every year and when there are changes in legislation.

Review Date January 2018

Please detach this pro-forma and return to Janet Smith as a record that you have read the Safeguarding Policy. Thank you

Name_______________________ Signature______________________

Parent/carer signature if under 18 ______________________________-

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